Introducing a Fresh New Way to Enjoy Cannabis Concentrates

The new Quest AeroIinhaler is the most unique and convenient way to enjoy cannabis on the market today! Our aerosol inhaler delivers the most refined THC available, utilizing the strength and power of a pure cannabis distillate while also maintaining an outstanding flavor profile. How do we accomplish this? We add the live resin terpenes back into this product, so you can enjoy the true profile of live resin in each puff. This inhaler is made with pharmaceutical-grade components that provide a more effective alternative to smoking, eating edibles, or other more traditional methods of enjoying cannabis.

Marijuana Inhaler by Quest Aerosols

Do You Inhale?

With 100 puffs per canister, the AeroInhaler provides you with a long-lasting product that you will enjoy over and over again. Each puff dispenses 10mg (6.8+mg THC) of distillate directly to your lungs with no heat, no combustion, and best of all no irritating throat burn. Just place the actuator in your mouth press down and enjoy the excellent terpy flavor.

Cannabis for Health Conscious Highs

Active Lifestyle


The quest AeroInhaler compliments those with a mind, body, and heart for an active lifestyle. There are many people who enjoy an active lifestyle as well as cannabis.


We know smoking is hardly conducive to mountain biking, hiking, or running marathons. Your health is also our concern. That is why our inhaler contains no additives, no carcinogens, and best of all no smoke.


That means you can enjoy pure distillate cannabis completely free of worry for your health. The AeroInhaler is for all you weekend warriors to enjoy a safe, sensible high with peace of mind.

The Predictability and Reliability
of a Distillate

The Quest AeroInhaler delivers the same exact dose with each puff, so you are totally in control of your high. Take the guesswork out of enjoying cannabis. Distillate delivers pure THC without the buzzy head high of a Sativa or the lagging low of an Indica. The Quest AeroInhaler provides you with a predictable, measured, and metered dose every time you puff. By inhaling pure THC distillate with added live resin terpenes you eliminate unpredictability without sacrificing taste. Enjoy a remarkably reliable high with every bit as much flavor as a live resin.

What is Distillate?

THC Distillate is created by refining cannabis into a pure and reliable form. The distillate in each Quest AeroInhaler has also been enhanced by adding live resin terpenes back. This ensures that each puff is as flavorful and enjoyable as live resin, with all the added benefits of a distillate.

What Sets Quest Distillate apart?

Live resin, developed by “Kind Bill” gives the Quest AeroInhaler its trademark terpy taste, that you can’t get anywhere else. This revolutionary product with live resin terpenes in a distillate ensures that purity is coupled with the outstanding flavor of the plant.

KindBill Video

Discreet and
Ultra Convenient

The Quest AeroInhaler has absolutely no odor profile whatsoever when used. Enjoying cannabis has never been so discreet! This handheld portable inhaler provides an ultra-convenient way to enjoy the flavors of a live resin cannabis all with the strength and predictability of a distillate wherever you may need it. Please be sure to use responsibly!

Cleaning Instructions

To clean your Quest AeroInhaler remove the cap and swab the actuator valve with a cotton-swab/Q-tip coated in alcohol. Cleaning is recommended periodically to ensure the actuator releases the proper dosage per puff. A clean actuator is the best way to guarantee an exhilarating experience.

We Look Forward to
Hearing from You